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Network Structure

Our network structure gives Innovo Research the flexibility to stay innovative while our experience ensures every clinical research study is conducted with uncompromising accuracy.

Site Operations

• Four sites in Connecticut, Central Illinois, Southeastern North Carolina, and Western Washington
• Experienced team in charge of site and study management
• Standards in place to protect subjects, studies, and data
• EHR information helps find the best candidates for studies
• Patient recruitment and retention plans in place

Innovation and Strategy

• Collaborating with growing network of healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and CROs
• Focusing on integrating information from healthcare practices and instititions
• Continually looking for ways to improve and grow our network

Client Services

• Single point of contact
• Well versed in Innovo's capabilities and expertise
• Assesses whether or not studies can be efficiently and effectively conducted

Information Technology

• Management system with database of patient participants, sponsors, and studies
• Oversees technology infrastructure and services

Training and Quality Assurance

• Establish procedures and guidelines for clinical studies
• Develop standards for source documentation
• Train staff and investigators
• Handle facility and equipment upkeep
• Perform routine internal quality assurance checks
• Verify staff and physician credentials


• Handles marketing and outreach
• Develops marketing materials

Corporate Affairs

• Contracts
• Legal
• Compliance
• Human resources


• Create and negotiate budgets
• Accounting

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