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Innovo Research is a venture created by Wilmington Health and Christie Clinic to advance medical research across the country.

Innovo Research is a provider-sponsored, provider-led network of high-performing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that utilize clinical research as part of their population health strategy. Our integrated approach supports both the triple aim aspirations of our partner ACOs as well as their research interests. We also add value to the pharma industry by assisting with the pragmatic design of future trials and observational study capabilities once their therapeutic is in the market. In addition, we can follow cohorts of patients throughout the various stages of development and deployment of the therapeutic. The results are better outcomes for patients, lower cost for the healthcare industry, higher patient engagement, and a diversified revenue source for our partner ACOs.

Our Mission

At Innovo Research, our mission is to promote clinical research as a patient care option by demonstrating its value to all stakeholders, while dramatically reducing the time it takes to develop new therapeutics.

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Meet the Team

To provide onsite management for each study, Innovo Research has partnered with IQVIA, a leader in healthcare intelligence. IQVIA ensures each piece of data is collected consistently to provide a reliable conclusion to study sponsors. Because Innovo Research was founded by two medical groups, our emphasis is on the "triple aim" of healthcare today:

  1. Improving healthcare outcomes for patients
  2. Reducing the cost of healthcare to patients and across the system
  3. Improving patient engagement and satisfaction with their healthcare experience

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