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COVID-19 Studies Delivered through Innovo Research Partnership

The new partnership will help accelerate the start-up time for clinical trials related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LOS ANGELES & WILMINGTON, N.C., April 2, 2020 — Science 37, the industry leader in decentralized clinical trials, has partnered with Innovo Research, the national leader in innovative site networks, on a rapid-start solution to accelerate COVID-19 research for vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics. Innovo will utilize their national network of sites and patients for recruitment and initial screening and Science 37 will utilize its technology platform and at-home nursing capabilities for ongoing virtual or at-home study visits.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to partner with Innovo on this solution to expedite research for COVID-19 patients,” says David Coman, CEO of Science 37. “Our unwavering mission is to accelerate biomedical research by simplifying the patient experience. In this case, we’re not only implementing at record speed, but we’re also enabling the ability to collect patient data without delay or undue risk to public safety around the world.”

Innovo Research and Science 37 are focused on rapidly providing solutions for sponsors and patients that dramatically reduce the start-up time for clinical research. Innovo has access to 2.5 million patients in the United States—including in states hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic—while Science 37 brings the most comprehensive, safe, and proven fully integrated platform for virtual or decentralized trials. Coupled with its telemedicine and home health network, Science 37 enables ubiquitous coverage virtually anywhere around the world.

"During this critical time in the midst of a pandemic, we want to provide our patients with access to vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics while reducing the burden and delivering value to the health system," said Jeff James, CEO of Innovo Research. “This aligns with our mission to promote clinical research as a patient care option by demonstrating its value to all stakeholders, while dramatically reducing the time it takes to develop new therapeutics.”

The virtual research model has become the standard of clinical research in the current climate given the massive worldwide quarantine measures currently in effect and the need for those with COVID-19 to be isolated. It also supports patient safety as well as the wider global effort to stem viral spread. The partnership between Innovo and Science 37 combines their industry-leading abilities to deliver research to millions of patients affected by COVID-19.

About Science 37

Science 37 is making the promise of virtual trials the new reality. By engaging with patients from the comfort of their own home, we provide access to patients who can never be reached by traditional site-based models. We have proven to enroll faster, retain patients at a higher rate, and reach a more representative population. Science 37 has conducted more decentralized, interventional trials than any other company, using an expansive, in-house network of telemedicine investigators and home-health nurses, who are supported by the industry’s most comprehensive, fully-integrated, decentralized clinical trial platform. Learn more at Science 37, and follow Science 37 on Twitter , LinkedIn , and Facebook .

About Innovo

Innovo Research is a provider-sponsored, provider-led network of high-performing Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that utilize clinical research as part of their population health strategy. Our integrated approach supports both the triple aim aspirations of our partner ACOs as well as their research interests. Our fully integrated EMR platform allows for quick and reliable feasibility analysis, leading to quicker enrollment. Our depth and breadth of investigators cover nearly every therapeutic area across several geographic regions.

Lawrence Lloyd
Science 37
Phone: (984) 377-3737

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